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November 6 – 29, 2014
opening reception: Thursday, November 6, 6–8PM

Churner and Churner proudly presents The Last Picture Show with work by twelve artists with whom we have worked closely over the past several years: Joianne Bittle, Jude Broughan, Anthony Campuzano, Jaime Davidovich, Dave Hardy, Karen Heagle, Nick Hornby, Jordan Kantor, Nils Karsten, Daniel Levine, Taylor Mead, and Lisi Raskin. This will be the gallery’s final exhibition.

Four years ago, we brought Joianne Bittle’s trailer diorama from Marfa, Texas, to 10th Ave. in Chelsea for the gallery’s inaugural exhibition. From the beginning, we were committed to showing artwork that was captivating, challenging, and commanding. We introduced audiences to Nick Hornby’s monumental sculptures, Danny Lyon’s China series, and Ander Mikalson’s collaborative performances, and delved into the archives with Jaime Davidovich and Judy Henry’s Wooster Enterprises and Paul McMahon’s Project, Inc. We screened films and videos, and hosted book launches, readings, performances, installations, and artists’ talks. Above all, Churner and Churner provided a platform for solo exhibitions, giving exposure to emerging artists and those who are historically relevant but perhaps under-recognized, with an emphasis on creating dialogues between several generations of exceptional artists. In particular, we wanted to connect those artists who came of age in the early ’70s, the so-called Pictures Generation, with those reaching their stride now. Both groups confront and contest the prepackaged nature of artistic production and manage to create work that is informed and delicate. We are returning to West Texas—albeit figuratively—for this exhibition by borrowing Larry McMurtry’s title. The Last Picture Show is its own coming-of-age story, one that we want to celebrate along with the many achievements of our artists.

I want to thank the artists in this show, all the others we have exhibited, director Renee Bovenzi, and the collectors, curators, writers, interns, supporters, and art lovers who have made having the gallery such a pleasure. You have given me the gift of daily, sustained interaction with objects and ideas, of looking again and again and then once more; you have taught me how to hold simultaneously the often conflicting positions of art as an idealistic and as a practical endeavor, and to treasure it nonetheless. Words cannot express my gratitude.

The Last Picture Show is lovingly dedicated to my artists. —Rachel

For images and information, please contact Rachel Churner at 212-675-2750 or

Thank you to all the artists we’ve shown: 

Elise Adibi, Gregory Amenoff, Bruce Andrews, David Askevold, Kenseth Armstead, Alice Aycock, Taylor Baldwin, Leah Beeferman, Jesus Benavente, Joianne Bittle, Matthew Brandt, Jude Broughan, Donald Burgy, Anthony Campuzano, Ernst Caramelle, Larry Cuba, Iris Cushing, Jaime Davidovich, John Dombroski, Peter Downsbrough, Mike Durlam, Clare Gasson, Dan Graham, Clare Grill, Dave Hardy, Alex Hayden, Karen Heagle, Judith Henry, Barbara Hero, Nick Hornby, GH Hovagimyan, Douglas Huebler, Richards Jarden, Jordan Kantor, Nils Karsten, George and Mike Kuchar, Barney Kulok, Daniel Levine, Sol Lewitt, Connor Linskey, Danny Lyon, Tom Marioni, Melanie McLain, Paul McMahon, Taylor Mead, Ander Miklason, Helen Mirra, Linda Montano, Robert C. Morgan, Matt Mullican, Christine Nguyen, Stephen Nguyen, Dean Nimmer, Stephen Posen, Lisi Raskin, David Salle, Hanna Sandin, Becky Sellinger, Lilian Schwartz, Lisa Sigal, Alan Sondheim, Marc Swanson, Athena Tacha, Stan VanDerBeek, Annette Wehrhahn, Lawrence Weiner, James Welling, Letha Wilson, and Martha Wilson


“This farewell show, resigned but not bitter, features some veteran artists, including a televisual collage by the Argentine Conceptualist Jaime Davidovich and some scribbles by the late Taylor Mead.”

“The Last Picture Show,” The New Yorker, November 21,2014