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Nick Hornby at 125 Maiden Lane

Dialogue: Eric Fertman and Nick Hornby, 125 Maiden Lane Lobby, Financial District, NYC

Brooklyn-based Eric Fertman and London-based Nick Hornby’s sculptural practices reconsider traditional materials, explore the line between abstract and figurative language and take on a pillar of art history. To develop The Present Is Just a Point, Hornby extruded Michelangelo’s David into a single point. Although he employs computer modeling to design his work, Hornby hand casts the resulting sculpture by traditional methods in a mixture of 150-micron ground Carrera marble dust and nautical resin. Fertman’s semi-abstract, hand-carved wooden sculptures are relatable in their slightly awkward human nature. Sally, a new work created specifically for this exhibition, actively brings Hornby’s work into conversation.