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July 2 – 7: Project Inc. Revisited

Trintje Janssen with David Salle’s Coffee Drinkers in Indian Summer at Project Inc., 1974


Monday, July 2, 6 – 9 PM: Opening receptionand screening of David Salle’s Search and Destroy (1995)

Friday, July 6, 6 – 9 PM: Performances by Linda Montano, Paul McMahon, and Alan Sondheim with Azure Carter and Chris Diasparra

with works by Gregory Amenoff, Bruce Andrews, David Askevold, Alice Aycock, Donald Burgy, Ernst Caramelle, Peter Downsbrough, Dan Graham, Barbara Hero, GH Hovagimyan, Douglas Huebler, Richards Jarden, Sol Lewitt, Tom Marioni, Paul McMahon, Linda Montano, Robert C. Morgan, Matt Mullican, Dean Nimmer, David Salle, Alan Sondheim, Athena Tacha, Lawrence Weiner, James Welling, and Martha Wilson

In November, 1972, 22-year-old Paul McMahon began organizing a series of one-night exhibitions at a community art center in Cambridge, Massachusetts called Project Inc. McMahon used his meager salary as a gas station attendant to rent the space and to mail xeroxed exhibition announcements to friends. He gradually enlisted a coterie of friends and acquaintances, many of whom were students at the California Institute of the Arts and the Novia Scotia College of Art and Design, to mount one-day shows of conceptual and performance art. They included Sol Lewitt, Robert Morgan, David Salle, Willoughby Sharp, Martha Wilson, Lawrence Weiner, Laurie Anderson, Michael Asher, and many others.

Beginning on July 2, Churner and Churner will host a week-long program celebrating the legacy of Project Inc. Preserving the DIY ethos of McMahon’s original undertaking, the gallery has invited the artists from the original Project Inc. roster to show any work, including recent pieces, alongside work from Project Inc. The show will include a score for a wall drawing by Sol Lewitt, sculptures by GH Hovagimyan and Doug Huebler, a monography on paleolithic writing by Donald Burgy, and short films by Greg Amenoff and Dean Nimmer, David Askevold and Tony Oursler, Ernst Caramelle, Jack Goldstein, Dan Graham, Paul McMahon, and Lawrence Weiner.

Project Inc. Revisited is accompanied by a publication featuring a text by Paul McMahon and photographs and documents of the original Project Inc.