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Churner and Churner - April 27: Book Launch with Anthony Campuzano - Churner and Churner

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April 27: Book Launch with Anthony Campuzano

 Saturday, April 27
6:30 pm

Anthony Campuzano is known for his use of found language in his drawings, using text from newspaper headlines, Wikipedia entries, paperback novel covers, and song lyrics. His new book, Stars: Even the Sun with All Its Warmth Is Detached, created in collaboration and with support from the Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art, is a collection of his collages that incorporates images from supermarket tabloids and ruminates on the simultaneous brilliance and self-destruction of many celebrity figures.

Campuzano notes that in addition to collages, the book includes an essay that reflects on his creative process and the relationships between stars, paparazzi, and the public. “I hope people will look closer and take time with the writing,” he says. “I use a lot of writing in my work already and sometimes I don’t think that people always read it enough times. Hopefully this book will be a sort of guide into some of the decisions I make in regards to the other work.”

When asked who he thinks is the main audience for his work, Campuzano says, “I make work as a challenge to myself—a way to understand or translate things I encounter and also as a form of communication with my peers and heroes. Sometimes it can get pretty coded, but in the end the two questions I usually ask myself are: Is this interesting? and Do these colors work? In that way, the audience [will perhaps be] broader than just the weirdos like me who can figure out my title references, but still discerning enough that I [may] need to throw away some things.”


Available from the gallery or www.publicationstudio.biz/books/221

$25 softcover; $12.50 DRM-free ebookCampuzano_Sun2
127 pp.
10.25 x 6.5
View sample pages: 1234
ISBN: 9781624620089