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Nick Hornby


b. 1980. Lives and works in London, England.



2007 MA, Chelsea College of Art
2003 BA, Fine Art, Slade School of Art
The Art Institute of Chicago



2013 Nick Hornby: Sculpture (1504-2013), Churner and Churner, New York
Nick Hornby & Sinta Tantra, One Canada Square, London
2011 Matthew Burrows & Nick Hornby, The Solo Projects, Basel
2010 Atom vs Super Subject, Alexia Goethe Gallery, London
2008 Tell Tale Heart, Camley Street Natural Park, London  
2005 Sound Track, Ada St, London 



2014 Slipped Gears, Eyebeam Centre, Bennington College Art Gallery, Vermont
Eric Fertman and Nick Hornby, Time Equities Building, New York
Bird God Drone, Public Commission, DUMBO, Brookyn, New York
2013 Out of Hand: Materializing the Post-Digital, Museum of Art and Design, New York
Berlin Ikono On Air Festival, Ikono, Berlin
Drawing Biennial 2013, Drawing Room, London
2012 Polish Bienalle: Meditations – The Unknown, Poznan, Poland
Stone Festival 2012, The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, Country Durham
Sculptors’ Drawings, Pangolin, London
2011 Aggregate, Churner and Churner, New York
Open Prototyping, Eyebeam, New York
Are Pictures Always Paintings? Alexia Goethe Gallery, London
2010 Patrons, Muses and Professionals, Eyebeam, New York
Volume One: Props, Events and Encounters, The Hub, Athens, Greece
Sculpture Promenade, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
Olympiad, Leighton House, London
2009 Walking in Our Mind, Royal Festival Hall / Southbank, London
West London Studio Project – Prologue, London 2012 Olympiad 
The Ghost in the Machine, Visual Dialogues, Tate Triennial, Tate Britain, London
The Voice and Nothing More, Slade Research Centre, Woburn Square,London
2008 Anticipation, Selfridges, London
2007 Future Map 07, The Arts Gallery, University of Arts London
MA Show Chelsea College of Art, London
How We May Be, Late at Tate, August, Tate Britain, London
Camberwell Arts Festival, Various Locations, London
I Am Your Worst Nightmare, Arnolfini, Bristol
Late Nights, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
Late at Tate, February, Tate Britain, London
2006 Hayward Nights, Hayward Gallery, London
BlindArt, Bankside Gallery, London
Arctic Circle, ICA, London
2003 BA Show, Slade School of Art



2014 Appointed FRBS, Fellow of the RBS, Royal British Society of Sculptors
Residency at The Bowes Museum, United Kingdom
Residency at The IIFA (International Institute of Fine Arts), New Delhi, India
Residency, Ceramics, Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London
Shortlisted for permanent commission, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
2011 Residency at Eyebeam, New York
2010 Awarded RBKC Artists’ Professional Development Bursary
2009 Awarded Deidre Hubbard Sculpture Award
Residency at Institute of Contemporary Indian Art (ICIA House), Mumbai, India
Awarded RBS Sculpture Bursary Award
Selected for 2009 / 2010 AA2A Scheme
Shortlisted for Spitalfields Sculpture Prize
Shortlisted for Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2009
2008 Awarded Clifford Chance Sculpture Award
2006 Awarded £5,000 BlindArt Prize
2003 University College London Convocation Travel Award



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Andaz 5th Avenue NY
Clifford Chance
Richard Greer
David Roberts
Sony BMG



Slade School of Art, London
Chelsea College of Art, London
Wimbledon College of Art, London
Westminster Kingsway, London



“As the five-century arc of its title would suggest, Nick Hornby’s exhibition at Churner and Churner, ‘Sculpture, 1504–2013,’ made no bones about its ambition, even by means of a few, discreet works.”

Ara H. Merjian, “Nick Hornby” Frieze, Issue 162 (March 20,2014)

“Nick Hornby is a sculptor of our times, combining a digital toolkit with painstaking hands on processes.”

Jonathan Openshaw, “Nick Hornby,” Luxury in Progress (March 12, 2014)

“Nick Hornby’s small solo show in Chelsea — just four new works, three sculptures and a set of photographs — is a concise look at a sweeping trend in contemporary sculpture.”

Karen Rosenberg “Nick Hornby: Sculpture (1504-2013)” The New York Times (October 17, 2013)

“The newly installed public sculpture happens to be a copy of sorts of one of the most familiar and frequently copied artworks in all of art history: Michelangelo’s “David.” British artist Nick Hornby’s new commission features the iconic sculpture’s outline on the ground, its contours all converging at one single point 12 feet up.”

Benjamin Sutton, “This Pointy Remix of Michelangelo’s David in Brooklyn Was Designed to Be Seen by Drones” Blouin ARTINFO (November 7, 2013)

“Two Trees Management Co., in partnership with NYC Parks’ Art in the Parks program, is pleased to present Bird God Drone, a sculpture by British artist Nick Hornby, at Clumber Corner, located at the intersection of Washington and Prospect Streets in Brooklyn.”

“Two Trees Management Co. announces new public art commission” Brooklyn Daily Eagle (November 6,2013)

“By including such a wide range of objects, Labaco hopes to demonstrate that 3-D scanners, 3-D printers, and CNC mills have become more accessible to the general public.”

Stephanie Strasnick, “Brancusi & Brain Waves: 3-D Printing Goes to the Museum” ARTNews (October 7, 2013)

“Working on computer, Hornby took David’s profile and extruded it to a single point. The result is a half-ton, nine-foot spike of condensed marble dust. If one were to lay on the floor and look up at the spike, one would see David’s outline looming above, coming to a penetrating point.”

Dr. Michael Petry, “Nick Hornby: Sculpture (1504-2013)” Huffington Post (September 17 2013)

“Churner and Churner presents the first solo U.S. exhibition of British sculptor Nick Hornby. Sculpture (1504-2013) brings together three new works by the artist, each of which circumnavigate his enquiry into citation and abstraction.”

Olivia Swider, “Top Exhibitions Opening This Week In New York (Sept. 17-20)” Whitewall (September 17 2013)

British sculptor Nick Hornby (not to be confused with the author) and Indonesian colorist Sinta Tantra’s collaborative exhibition, “Sculpture at Work,” is currently on view through March 15 at One Canada Square in Canary Wharf…”

Ashley McNelis, “Nick Hornby and Sintra Tantra Activate One Canada Square in London”, Whitewall Magazine (February 7, 2013)

“Nick Hornby is a self confessed workaholic. When he’s not chipping away at a block of plaster, polishing a bust or sketching on scraps of paper, he is curating shows all over the globe.”

Jack Philips, “Bouncing Ideas Off Artist Nick Hornby”, Hung and Drawn Magazine (May 2013)

“Nick Hornby is intelligent. When interviewing the young British artist one gets the sense that his words are not only considered, but important, picking up on everything, and resulting in our interview resembling more of a linguistic dance than a simple exchange.”

Angelica Pursley, “Nick Hornby: Uniquely Referential,” The Huffington Post Arts & Culture (September 2012)

“Aggregate, curated by Kathleen Madden, features three artists from the the UK: Clare Gasson, Nick Hornby, and Connor Linskey are young artists who live and work in London.”

Kathy Battista, ‘Aggregate: Clare Gasson, Nick Hornby, and Connor Linskey”, The Brooklyn Rail (February 13, 2012)

“I’m a real believer in getting stuck into the place you’re going to.”

Charlotte Cripps, “Cultural Life: Nick Hornby, Sculptor,” The Independent(October 8, 2010)